Splatter! App Reviews

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Shuffle feature

Love this app! Especially the shuffle color feature.

Shaking doesn't seem to clear the screen

So seems I always am starting with a splatter pattern in place. Never have a blank screen to start


Why isn't there instructions? Why can't you start out with a blank screen? Very stupid app.


It doesn't start off with a blank screen but all you have to do is splatter the color. Black

Not good

Definitely need a lot more improvements. You can't even make your very own painting. Kind of pathetic. And where are the instructions?! Waste of my time.

no instructions

Luv this but there are no instructions! Luckily I knew from previous games that u need to shake the iPad in order to clear the screen. Hope this was helpful!

Wish You Could Start With A Blank Screen

Why you're only able to start with an existing splatter screen is beyond me... Why can't you start with a blank screen? Where are the controls to start with a blank screen? Why isn't there any instruction screen? Needs improvement.

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